Since 2014 Chalmers has been a part of the EdX community. Together with universities from all over the world – such as MIT, Harvard, TU Delft and Sorbonne – we are establishing virtual campuses.

The use of new technology in education is rapidly growing. Universities are increasing the support for blended learning initiatives, through ideas like flipped classroom methodology or massive online courses. Together we are broadening the scope of education.

Chalmers Library supports teachers who wish to explore blended learning. In 2015 a team was established at the Library to select standards and acquire equipment and software for blended learning components. They produced Chalmers first two Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs): Introduction to Graphene Science and Technology and Sustainability in Everyday Life.


”Thanks to the staff and especially Jie Sun for an excellent course in Graphene. Jie Sun, you have made these concepts understandable even to someone like me – with a moderate amount of study. My background includes no physics or chemistry, some electronics but mostly business courses and ownership experience. It’s a bit late in my life to pursue a career in this area but I envy all of you who will be involved in it. You will help change the world in a big way.”

Student from the MOOC Introduction to Graphene Science and Technology


Together with the division Engineering Education Research at the department for Applied IT, the team at the library is responsible for the dissemination of successful practices in blending learning. The library continues to explore its infrastructure as a open space for learning and sharing knowledge.

Virtual Learning connects students with different background from all over the world. They are united in a common purpose: to be a part of a growing technology.


”Hola! My name is Ramon and I’m from El Salvador. This is my first approach to graphene in an academic way. I really want to get involved because in this country there is nothing about the rising technology, and I’m convinced a first step must be taken.”

Student from the MOOC Introduction to Graphene Science and Technology

”My name is Marcus, I come from Norway and work as a DJ. I just stumbled upon this great website and this course! I enrolled in it because I have been eager for the last 2-3 years to learn about the production of graphene and how it can become more available for everyone.”

Student from the MOOC Introduction to Graphene Science and Technology